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Are you ready for a transformation you can actually keep?
Let us help! Check out our…

Discover the Transformational Fitness Program That Produces Real Results Like This:

Gabby and Doreen look great and have a new love for fitness!

If You’re Tired of Resolving to Get in Shape Every Year but Never Getting the
Amazing, Lasting Results That You Want, You’ll Want to Keep Reading…

How would you like to…

- Start shedding body fat immediately so that you can enjoy the beach next summer?
- Be able to fit into the clothes that you love and smile when you look in the mirror?
- Have more energy throughout the day so that you can be more productive?
- Get compliments on your transformation from family and friends?

Now, we know what you’re thinking…

You’ve probably tried dozens of fitness programs before, and each one…

- Failed to deliver the results that they promised…
- Provided short term success but stopped working after a few months…

- Cost a fortune, but only delivered cheap, cheesy PDF Guides… 

- And that’s not even the half of it!

Other programs may have made false promises of quick and easy transformation, but left you feeling like a complete and total failure.
And, made you believe it was impossible for YOU to get in shape…

Hi, I am Sergio Reyes, the Founder of Revere CrossFit & Training Center, and my team's mission is to help you finally reach your fitness goals, the same way I have already done for countless others.

I care about your success and will work with you every step of the way on your journey to better health. As long as you are ready to commit to the program with my proven techniques, coaching, support and accountability, we won’t let you fail. 
All you need to do now is decide that you’re worth it. 
Your time is now. 
Yours in Health & Strength,
Sergio Reyes

We've committed ourselves to helping you achieve your fitness goals through personalized, hands-on training.
Over the years in this industry, we've learned that you need both nutritional guidance and an exercise program
 that will suit your needs.

That’s the only way to get in shape and keep it for good!

In fact, your body craves the diet and exercise program that will give you the long-term results you desire. 
Introducing Your All - Inclusive Health And Fitness Program...
Our Transformation Challenge was specifically designed to help you achieve your
health and fitness goals through personalized training that adapts to your personal needs. 

With two options to choose from, we've got the perfect program to get you started!

21 Day Transformation Challenge
 UNLIMITED Team Training
 UNLIMITED Group X Classes
 Nutritional Guidance
Weekly Weight Assessment 
42 Day Transformation Challenge
  UNLIMITED Team Training
  UNLIMITED Group X Classes
  Nutritional Guidance
  Weekly Weight Assessment

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With the Transformation Challenge, you’ll get…

- 3 or 6 weeks of UNLIMITED gym access, initial goal setting consultation and also weekly assessments. Unlimited Team/Large Group Training Sessions, and Small Group Training Sessions.
- 3 or 6 weeks of workouts geared towards fat loss or muscle gain. One on One Training is Available in-house. Speak with a team member for details on 1-on-1 training and small group training
- A step-by-step guide to your nutrition and exercise programming that will be custom tailored to your individual needs and goals (forget about the one-size-fits-all health programs that you keep seeing on the web).  Also included is our 6-week Whole30 Quick Start Guide for Rapid Fat Loss at no extra charge.
- Additional private accountability check-in with coach weekly
- A non-competitive workout environment that allows you to stay energized and inspired without feeling intimidated by the other health-seekers. 
- A fully certified group of coaches with years of experience helping clients just like you. You won’t have to worry about the expertise of your trainer. We know exactly how to get you on the right track to gain the results you desire.

- Fast results that last! Your body will undergo such a transformation that you’ll wonder why you didn’t find my program sooner. And the best part? With our guidance and your dedication, those results won’t melt away as soon as the program is over.

- A friendly intake and meeting with one of our team members and a pre-training assessment: Body measurements, Body weight, and Body fat percentage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we contact you if we have a question?
You can call us at (714) 519-1803 or 
email us at [email protected]
When does this program start?
This program starts Anytime. 
What is your schedule?
Check our schedule here
Do I have to come every single day?
Absolutely NOT...We recommend 3-5 days per week for you to experience INCREDIBLE results.  You can meet with a small group to focus on form, core strength & corrective exercises.. On other days, attend our large group team training classes that are convenient to your schedule.
If I am out of shape can I still do the program?
Yes, we have modifications for every exercise and we can scale the workouts to your fitness level.
Does it include a nutrition plan, too?
Yes, we will tell you exactly what and when to eat so you can easily reach your goals.  
Also included is our 6-week Whole30 Quick Start Guide for Rapid Fat Loss at no extra charge.

For this amazing low price you’ll get up to six weeks of blasting advice and guidance. If you hired a personal trainer outside of this program, you would likely pay well over $1500 for the same six week program.

But with our Transformation Challenge,
you’ll get the same results at a fraction of the price!