Revere CrossFit & Training Center 

    Forging Elite Fitness 


Tired of TV ads, gym boredom, and over-promised fitness routines? Interested in CrossFit, but not ready to commit to heavy barbells and complex movements?

No problem.

Revere CrossFit has taken our experience with functional, results-oriented fitness, and developed the perfect program for you. FIT was made for people who are still interested in high-intensity, effective workouts.

Classes are programmed. Ensuring the most effective, figure-flattering results you’ve ever experienced.

FIT is a high-intensity, cardio & core-focused program.

While people typically have a tendency to shy away from weight, we embrace a little resistance training using fun tools like medicine balls, sand bags, kettlebells and more! While you’ll never see a barbell in our class, we’re still on a mission to get you strong and toned.

This program is not just about getting a lean and hot body. Sure, that’s part of it, but what it’s really all about is changing lives, and helping people find long-term happiness and confidence.

What to Expect

FIT is a program for people who are serious about getting results and getting them fast.

Our classes are filled with housewives, busy working people, grandparents, and students. Every day, each of us is cheering each other on and pushing ourselves as we complete the Workout of the Day!

Every workout, movement, and piece of equipment we use is scalable, which means we work with any fitness level. We will never ask you to lift more weight than your core can handle or perform an endurance exercise you are not physically able to do. Our trainers will continually coach and motivate you all while encouraging you to improve your performance.

Workouts are constantly varied which means every workout challenges you and ensures progress.  Some exercises will be familiar and others will be new and challenging.

Additional Highlights Include:

* Group Nutrition Challenges
* Social Events
* Monthly Fitness Benchmarks
and more!